Data and Decision Analysis

(Academic Year 2018-2019)

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Starting from AY 2017-2018:


Course organization

The course Data and Decision Analysis is split in two independent components.

Decision Analysis


Antonello Giannitrapani email: giannitrapani at

Lecture timetable:

Tuesday 11.00-13.00 Room F
10.00-13.00 Room F

Office hours:

Monday, 16.00-17.00.

Tuesday, 14.00-15.00.

Course outline:

Download the slides with essential information about the course.

The Decision Analysis part (~48 hours) is organized in two parts. Part I (~25 hours) provides an introduction to decision problems and presents some methodologies for their analysis. Part II (~23 hours) focuses on sequential decision problems which can be modeled as Markov Decision Processes. At the end of the first part, there is a midterm exam. At the end of the second part there is a project assignment. See How the exam works.

Course schedule:

March 5 - April 4: lectures Part I
April 11: midterm exam (written test)

April 9 - May 23: lectures Part II
June 6:
project assignment


Part I

Required background


Teaching material

Part II

Required background


Teaching material

How the exam works

There are two ways to pass the exam:

  1. do the midterm exam and the project work
  2. do one of the six regular exams available during the academic year and the project work

The midterm exam and the regular exams consists in a written test containing three exercises on the topics covered in Part I. During the test, the use of books, slides, notes, etc. is not allowed.

Schedule of written tests (up to July 2019):

  1. Midterm exam: April 11
  2. Regular exam: July 4
  3. Regular exam: July 24

The project work is a homework on the topics covered in Part II and it requires the use of Matlab. The project work can be carried out individually or in groups of 3-4 students. Students have to turn in the homework solution within one week after the project assignment.

Schedule of project assignments (up to July 2019)

  1. June 6 (deadline June 12)
  2. June 27 (deadline July 3)
  3. July 11 (deadline July 17)

Students must sign up to the lists available at

Until July 2019, any combination of the previous written test dates and project assignment dates is allowed. Starting from September 2019, students must contact the instructor before the written test date and ask for the assignment of the project. 


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